#19 - Experiential Art

Art has a UX too! We explore the emerging trend of experiential art with a deep dive into Rainbow Vomit, an immersive art exhibit created by Deanna Theis, Rob Andrews, and other members of ProjectUX.

#17 - The UX of Retail

Amazon Go has been dubbed the “future of shopping” but what does the future really hold for retail?

#16 - The UX of AR and VR

With the release of Oculus Go and products like the Eversight Raptor, what does the future hold for AR and VR in the consumer tech space?

#15 - The UX of Government

Yes, there is such a thing as lean government! UX crosses partisan lines in this episode where we talk about voting, government agencies, and ways to make our public systems more efficient.

#14 - Storytelling in UX

Storytelling and UX go hand-in-hand throughout the arc of the experience. In this episode we unpack the many layers of storytelling and how it impacts the design of the everything from apps, websites and media we consume.

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