#16 - The UX of AR and VR

With the release of Oculus Go and products like the Eversight Raptor, what does the future hold for AR and VR in the consumer tech space?

#15 - The UX of Government

Yes, there is such a thing as lean government! UX crosses partisan lines in this episode where we talk about voting, government agencies, and ways to make our public systems more efficient.

#14 - Storytelling in UX

Storytelling and UX go hand-in-hand throughout the arc of the experience. In this episode we unpack the many layers of storytelling and how it impacts the design of the everything from apps, websites and media we consume.

#11 - Inside Big Design 2018

Reporting live without a net from the Big Design Conference we discuss the implications of design in our world with several of the presenters at Dallas’ biggest design conference.

#10 - The UX of Email

Everybody uses email, but there are a lot of UX issues with this common practice. We dissect issues with gmail, tips for writing better emails and composition collaboration along with guest Zachary Wiles, co-founder of the useful email tool Coedit.

#9 - The UX of Note-taking

We break down the UX of the countless note-taking apps on the market, each with their own features and use-cases that makes the experience of note-taking quite different.

#7 - The UX of Fitness

Wearables, fitness apps and even smart gym equipment can do a lot to improve our fitness, but not all devices are created equal from UX perspective.

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