How Design and UX Can Improve Our Relationship with the Environment


ProjectUX had the opportunity to attend the EarthX festival in Dallas recently, the biggest Earth Day celebration in North America! While there we spoke with a couple of presenters about the impact of design on human well being and our environment. Being a good steward of the planet is of upmost importance to our relationship with the planet and the survival of our species. UX practices of universal design and consideration of all the human factors can go a long way towards helping us shape how we create products, industry, and infrastructure that minimizes our impact on the environment while maximizing our connection to it. 

The Need for Universal Design: Startup Edition


Startup PotaVida's Smart Solar Purifier showcases the need for universal design on our latest episode from the UX vault. On it we address the challenges of designing for a cross-cultural user journey that includes hardware, software, and print touch-points so that they may create the most effective possible user experience.

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