ProjectUX | The UX Show for Startups | S1E2

On this episode UXperts Bibana Nunes, Jared Spool, Debra Gelman and Alan Cooper break down the UX of startup Noise Aware.

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ProjectUX Vault Episode 6 | ShadowBid - Design Review

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UX & Design Leadership: Inside the Big Design studio w/ Mariah Hay

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Alan Cooper talks UX, Design and Farming with ProjectUX

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What are people saying about ProjectUX?

I sponsored ProjectUX within 15 minutes of hearing about it because I knew it would be the next big thing.
Brian Sullivan, Founder of Big Design Conference
The UX feedback I got on ProjectUX helped me completely redesign my app!
Ash Prasad, Founder of Vimmune

The ROI of UX

Companies Who Focus On UX Perform Better Financially

The top 10 customer experience leaders outperformed the S&P with close to triple of the returns, at a cumulative return of +43%

The bottom 10 generated a negative cumulative return of -34%

UX Has A Long History Of Building Brands

  • Jeff Bezos funded customer experience over advertising 100:0 in the first year and continues to invest heavily in optimizing the website experience.

  • Tom Proulx was a co-founder and first programmer of Intuit and a pioneer of usability testing in the 1980’s.

  • Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin both attended usability classes at Stanford and continue to innovate heavily with UX today.

  • Air BnB went from failure to $10B valuation, which founder Mike Gebia attributed to user research. “When we started talking to our customer and seeing how they used our service, it was the defiing momnet of success that turned the company around."

Investment in User Experience research and design can offer up to a 10:1 return on every dollar spent. The truth is companies cannot afford to neglect UX. Being user-centered and focusing on the user's experience is a key to success. ProjectUX offers a unique way to tackle some of your product's biggest usability issues at an affordable cost far exceeding its value.

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