#6 - The UX of Censorship & Privacy

Content drives the UX of companies like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, but where do they draw the line? In this episode we explore the system and enforcement of content policies including a deep look into the recent ban of Alex Jones.

#5 - UX for Social Good

We explore utilizations of UX to help better tackle social issues such as housing and homelessness using concepts such as gamification, quality on-boarding systems, and service design.

#4 - Designing the News

UX knows few bounds, and in this era of "fake news" it is important to think about the design of news and how we as consumers experience it.

#3 - The Value of UX Research

Research is the precursor to good design and a cornerstone of UX. In this episode we examine the value of UX Research in real-world examples and through our experience.

#2 - Bias, Zen and Mindfulness

Bias is everywhere, so how can we overcome it? On this episode we dive into Zen and mindfulness concepts as a method for limiting bias in UX research and design

#1 - WWDC & UX

On the inaugural PUX podcast we lay the groundwork for what makes User Experience so important and discuss the WWDC from a UX perspective, from privacy to tongue detection.

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