| Duration: 2135 minutes

On this episode UXperts Bibana Nunes, Jared Spool, Debra Gelman and Alan Cooper break down the UX of startup Noise Aware. The experts dish out design wisdom on topics including:

  • Getting immersed in the user's world by observing how property managers set up the sensor devices and app
  • Designing for personas and avoiding assumptions about users' sophistication with your technology
  • Clearly communicating what your product does and doesn't do to alleviate user concerns about things such as privacy
  • Making all parties part of the experience so everyone is a happy customer
  • Creating a a seamless on-boarding experience that all users can follow
  • Showcasing the right information, in the right place, at the right time throughout your product
  • Revealing the "magic" behind your product so people realize the value they're getting