| Duration: 676 minutes

Join us on the first episode of "Inside the Big Design Studio" as ProjectUX host Brandon Ward sits down with Preston McCauley, locally-renowned mad scientist of all things AR, VR, and UX. He breaks down: - AR/VR as a new frontier for designing experiences: it's about storytelling - Bridging the skills gap: tips for people who might be intimidated by learning the tools needed to design in this realm - Where does AR/VR fit in to the existing markets and ecosystems designers currently work in? - How exposing yourself to ideas and stories in other fields makes you a better designer Please let us know what you think in the comments about this video and anything UX & VR related. We'll be back next week with a new video! Produced Rob Andrews & Teresa Nguyen Edited by Stanley Joseph http://projectux.tv http://bigdesignevents.com http://twitter.com/projectuxtv http://twitter.com/uidesignguide