| Duration: 917 minutes

ProjectUX creator and UX Researcher Rob Andrews breaks down the process of usability testing with some specific tips and tools to help you with this powerful UX method of user research. Topics include: How to do a simple usability test (1:07) The importance of building rapport (1:44) Test the product, not the user (2:29) Initial Impressions (3:49) Expectancy test (5:21) Tasks and Scenarios (6:26) Optimal length and number of tests (8:03) Rating the tasks (9:34) Tools for recording the session (10:34) Different settings for usability tests (12:09) Steve Krug and usability test script (13:28) Get out there and learn (14:06) Support us on Patroen for a chance to win a free UX book: http://patreon.com/projectux Links mentioned in video: OBS - https://obsproject.com/download Zoom - https://zoom.us/ Handbrake - https://handbrake.fr/ Rocket Surgey Made Easy: http://amzn.to/2BjAMZ3 Steve Krug's usability script: https://www.sensible.com/downloads/test-script.pdf Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/projectuxtv http://twitter.com/digitalrobert Special shoutout to our sponsors: Dev Mountain offering UX bootcamps in Dallas, TX: http://devmountain.com Big Design conference in Dallas, TX - http://bigdesignevents.com Loop11, a robust online user-testing platform: http://loop11.com http://projectux.tv