| Duration: 771 minutes

Technology impacts our daily lives, but what about our fluffy friend? In this week’s video, Santiago Gutierrez, founder and CEO of GoBone, sits down with ProjectUX Executive Director Rob Andrews to dive into the design evolution of GoBone and explore the mission and future of this smart bone.

From a small upstart, they have evolved into a successful company that raised $160,000 on Kickstarter and in 2017 was listed on Oprah’s favorite things list! They integrate human and canine UX into their design based on user testing and analytics to help solve the problem when we leave our dog at home while we are at work.

Video highlights include: - How the ProjectUX process improved GoBone - GoBone’s canine and user testing - UX Design for humans and their canine friends - The success and roadblocks of GoBone - What does UX mean to a startup?

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