| Duration: 2000 minutes

The Design Disruptors Screening in Dallas was a huge success, big thanks to Slalom and Big Design for helping us put this on! In this recap video we feature the Q&A session following the film, moderated by Tracey Kelly, Experience Design Practice Leader at Slalom with panelists: - Steve Bacon, Managing Director at Slalom - Meghan Rhennie, Design Manager at Capital One - Brian Sullivan, Director of Design Strategy at Sabre Come to our next event for a LIVE ProjectUX taping at Big Design this Friday, get tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/projectux-live-big-design-feat-jared-spool-tickets-37670831471?ref=estw Edited by: Michael Rosemond Camera credits: Michael Rosemond, Tim Miller, Rob Andrews, Teresa Nguyen http://projectux.tv http://bigdesignevents.com http://slalomconsulting.com