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User-testing is an incredibly powerful tool that we utilize at ProjectUX to peer inside the inner workings of a product by putting it into the hands of real people. In order to facilitate the best results one of the most critical components is developing rapport with the subject so they feel at ease and give their true insights. In this video we dive into some of the most important aspects of building rapport in a user-testing setting and in normal every-day conversations as well.

User studies and design research helps place people at the center of your design process of your product. Building rapport helps us to understand how users perform tasks and achieve goals. Since empathy is at the heart of design, it is important to build rapport during a qualitative user study to understand the users emotions, feelings and experiences.

This way the UX researcher will build human connection, which is crucial for user-testing. Finally, having rapport will create a comfortable environment for users to be at ease, so that this will have an accurate result. Watch this video to enhance your UX skills and explore more on User Experience Interview techniques on building rapport.

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